VD82EX – Digital ATEX Compact Vacuum Meter


Absolute Pressure 1050 mbar to 1 mbar (=hPa), 780 Torr to 1 Torr

VD82 ATEX certified digital vacuum meter with external sensor head to measure absolute pressure in the rough vacuum range. Used in hazardous areas where explosive vapors are present.

EG prototype certificate: BVS 06 ATEX 011 Mark: II 2 G EEX ia IIC T4

Product Specifications:


  • Chemically resistant ceramic sensor with Kalrez sealing
  • Min/Max memory: Storage and display of high and low values
  • High repeatability, excellent long-term stability
  • Up to 100 h battery life
  • External detachable stainless steel sensor head
  • Pressure units mbar, Torr, hPa
  • Automatic switch off and continuous operation
  • Delivered with protective case, hose nozzle and plug in battery charger

Typical Applications

  • Vacuum measuring in explosive areas, zone 1
  • Chemical engineering
  • Check and setup of vacuum pumps and appliances
  • Laboratory and research
  • Maintenance and service for vacuum pumps
  • Analysis instruments