Hydropath Anti-Scaling Technology

Unique, patented and effective anti-scaling technology, that prevents limescale, flocculation, biofouling, struvite and more.

HydroFLOW units utilise a unique technology to transmit an electric field into the pipe and the water inside. This technology works on all types of pipe material without the need for any cutting or plumbing, making it ideal for retrofit.

The signal can travel throughout the plumbing network, both upstream and downstream, to protect the entire system.

Water Saving

Water saved via reduced backwash and increased cycles.

Improved Lifespan

Equipment and processes work more efficiently and lasts longer.

Optimise/ Reduce Chemicals

Systems are protected with little or no need for harmful chemicals.

Reduce Downtime

Downtime for cleaning is less frequent and cleaning becomes easier and faster.

Improve Efficiency

Heat transfer improves and pipelines become clearer, saving energy.