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Close-coupled single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps.

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Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps.

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Liquid Ring Pump

If your industry needs a liquid ring pump, you’ve come to the right place. Emtivac are here to help! We’re an Australian owned and operated engineering company with 20 years’ experience in vacuum pumps and liquid ring pumps. In this time, we’ve become a leading industry name having outfitted hundreds of manufacturing, mining and process industries with a variety of pumps, systems and all associated products and technology.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


We have an inside-out, encyclopedic knowledge of what makes a great liquid ring vacuum pump. As the name would suggest, this pump features a liquid ring – meaning there’s no mechanical contact between the pump’s moving parts. The liquid acts as a piston, to compress the gas. The principle of this can be seen below.

Principle Of Operation
  • Gas entering via the suction port is conveyed into impeller casing A-B and trapped in the space between two impeller blades.
  • As the impeller rotates-eccentrically to the liquid ring and casing, the volume between the blades increases creating vacuum.
  • As the cycle progresses towards the discharge port the volume decreases as the liquid ring creates compression.
  • The compression continues until the gas is discharged through the discharge port C-D. A small amount of seal liquid is discharged with the gas and it is necessary to supply make-up continuously.
  • The make-up liquid also maintains the liquid ring and absorbs the heat energy of compression.

If you need a liquid ring pump, we stock the very best from Pompetravaini, Italy. With high efficiency during operation, quiet running, adept handling of gas, vapour and entrained liquid and a robust construction holding it all together, our Pompetravaini range should be the sure choice for your industry.

If you require larger Liquid Ring Pumps then we have the Emtivac range of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for larger applications up to 70,000m³/h. This robust range of high quality Vacuum Pumps is internally and externally, dimensionally interchangeable with a number of other well-known worldwide brands.

Water Ring Pump

Liquid Ring Pumps are also sometimes known as Water Ring Pumps. This is technically inaccurate as a variety of different liquids can be used as service liquid depending on the nature of the application.

At Emtivac, we have the most practical solutions for your liquid ring pump systems to boost their efficiency and reliability. We can install Emtivac products to lower your overall power consumption by up to 50% and also save your business further money by reducing your maintenance and power costs.

Trust our team to get the job done with efficiency and expertise. If you need a top-quality liquid ring vacuum pump, you’re already in the right place – send us an online enquiry or call Emtivac today on (03) 9768 3240.

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