Liquid Ring Large Capacity Vacuum Pumps


Conical Porting Design allow the pump to handle carry over of liquids and soft solids without damage.

Emtivac N2BE
Designed for good efficiency across a wide range of operating vacuums and speeds.
Principle Of Operation
  • Gas entering via the suction port is conveyed into impeller casing A-B and trapped in the space between two impeller blades.
  • As the impeller rotates-eccentrically to the liquid ring and casing, the volume between the blades increases creating vacuum.
  • As the cycle progresses towards the discharge port the volume decreases as the liquid ring creates compression.
  • The compression continues until the gas is discharged through the discharge port C-D. A small amount of seal liquid is discharged with the gas and it is necessary to supply make-up continuously.
  • The make-up liquid also maintains the liquid ring and absorbs the heat energy of compression.

If you need a liquid ring pump, we stock the very best from Pompetravaini, Italy. With high efficiency during operation, quiet running, adept handling of gas, vapour and entrained liquid and a robust construction holding it all together, our Pompetravaini range should be the sure choice for your industry.

If you require larger Liquid Ring Pumps then we have the Emtivac range of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for larger applications up to 70,000m³/h. This robust range of high quality Vacuum Pumps is internally and externally, dimensionally interchangeable with a number of other well-known worldwide brands.