SVC Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps for Industrial Process applications. An efficient, cost effective, low maintenance, solution for aggressive applications, compliant with restrictive International environmental regulations. Standalone performance from 110 to 2,700 m3/hr with vacuum levels to 0.05 mbar absolute.

  • 1.Hybrid Combined Variable Pitch
  • 2.10-3 Torr High Vacuum
  • 3. Maintaining Low Temp. with By Hydrodynamic Spiral structure
  • 4.Minimizing Power Consumption with Power-saving Design
  • 5.Enhanced the Durability by Special Coating
  • 6.Minimizing condensation by Hot Pumping
  • 7.Casing Mechanism for prevention condensation
  • 8.Enhanced the Durability with applying Gas Purge Seal
  • 9.Applied TCV and Prevention of Overheating(TE or TSS)
  • 10.Cooling Gas is Not Necessary
  • 11.Minimizing the condensation of process materials by using Gas Ballast
  • 12.Improved the Durability by Seal Purge, Inlet Purge, Solvent Flush and Steam Flushing