Analogline – Transducers, Display and Control Units

VCC200 – Capacitance Vacuum Transducer

VCC200 – Capacitance Vacuum TransducerAbsolute Pressure 200

VD6 – 1 Channel Vacuum Display And Control Unit

VD6 – 1 Channel Vacuum Display And Control Unit

VSC43 – Vacuum Transducer
VSC43 – Vacuum Transducer
VSP63 – Smartline™ Vacuum Transducer
VSP63 – Smartline™ Vacuum Transducer

VSP63 – Smartline™ Vacuum TransducerAbsolute Pressure 1000

VSP841 / VSP842 – Passive Vacuum Sensor
VSP841 / VSP842 – Passive Vacuum SensorAbsolute Pressure

Vacuum Gauge

Need a vacuum gauge for your industrial vacuum system? Emtivac is here to help! We’re an Australian owned and operated engineering company with 20 years’ experience in vacuum pumps, blowers and liquid ring pumps. We’re a leading industry name, having outfitted hundreds of manufacturing, mining and process industries with a variety of pumps and all associated products and technology.

We have an inside-out, encyclopedic knowledge of what makes a good vacuum gauge – our range includes some of the best around! All have high reliability and are extremely compact for industrial applications. Aside from long-time stability and an extremely accurate sensor, our vacuum gauges are typically used to monitor crucial vacuum installations and processes where quality control is required. Our range of gauges runs from simple dial type vacuum gauges, through hand held digital gauges to vacuum controllers. Some of our gauges have blue tooth data logging and/or outputs to data recorders.

At Emtivac, we supply only the highest level of quality with the lowest maintenance costs possible. Aside from supplying you with a top quality vacuum gauge system, we can evaluate your vacuum systems to boost their efficiency and reliability. From installing the products to lowering your overall power consumption by up to 50%, we aim to save your business money by reducing your maintenance and power costs.

Trust our team to get the job done with efficiency and expertise. If you need a top quality vacuum gauge, you’re already in the right place – send us an online enquiry or call Emtivac today on (03) 9768 3240.