VacuGraph Windows® Software

VacuGraph software can save measurements, plot pressure diagrams for graphical evaluation and control your application in combination with our vacuum control units. VacuGraph is easy to use, is self explanatory and is suitable for all Thyracont instruments with either an USB, RS 485 or RS 232 interface.
Product Specifications:


  • Saving, visualization and evaluating of measurements, comparison of multiple plots
  • Data transfer to a PC during measurement e.g. for measurement of pressure increase for leak detection
  • Read out data of Thyracont data loggers
  • Export data as ASCII text file e. g. for Microsoft Excel
  • Leakage rate calculation
  • Logarithmic or linear pressure scales
  • PC based control by programming set points in combination with Thyracont control units like VD9

Typical Applications

  • Documentation of measurements and pump down curves
  • Analysis of vacuum processes
  • Visualization of pressure increase
  • Programing setpoints