VSR – Smartline™ Vacuum Transducer

VSR Smartlin Vacuum Transducer
VSR Smartlin Vacuum Transducer
VSR – Smartline Vacuum TransducerAbsolute Pressure 1200 to 1 x 10-4 mbar (=hPa), 900 – 1 x 10-4 Torr The combination of piezo and Pirani sensor in the digital VSR vacuum transducer offers high precision and excellent resolution in the rough and fine vacuum range. Microcontroller intelligence automatically manages the optional interplay of both vacuum sensors. Smartline represents cutting edge technology providing safe, precise and cost effective process control. Benefits
  • Wide measuring range due to combination sensor piezo / Pirani
  • High accuracy and optimal resolution over the whole measuring range
  • Excellent reproducibility and long term stability
  • Digital RS485 interface and additional analog output signal 1.5-8.58 V or EtherCAT
  • Automatic baud rate detection 9.6 kBit/s to 115 kBit/s
  • Optional large, integrated LCD display with background illumination (VSR53DL, VSR54DL)
  • Two independent, potential-free relay switch points
  • Easily replaceable sensor heads with stored calibration data
Typical Applications
  • Load locks
  • Analysis technology
  • Coating plants
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Leakages tests
  • Operational control of roughing pumps
  • Process engineering