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VSR Smartlin Vacuum Transducer
VSR – Smartline™ Vacuum Transducer
VSR – Smartline™ Vacuum TransducerAbsolute Pressure 1200

Vacuum Transducer

If you need a vacuum transducer, Emtivac is the first call you should make! We’re an Australian owned and operated engineering company with 20 years’ experience in vacuum pumps and liquid ring pumps. Our passion is supplying these pumps, and all associated products and technology, to a range of manufacturing, mining and process industries.

Our work ethic keeps us head and shoulders above the competition! With a detailed, inside-out knowledge of vacuum pumps, we ensure that you’ll get nothing but the very best. A Smartline Vacuum Transducer from Emtivac is of the highest quality. The processor-controlled VSP with a robust helix filament is ideal for precise measurements when you need them most. The Smartline Vacuum Transducer range represents a leap in cutting-edge technology providing safe, precise and cost-effective process control.

Our Smartline Vacuum Transducer can be used on a variety of applications, from analysis instruments to operational control of roughing pumps and vacuum plants. Vacuum furnaces, freeze drying, process engineering – the Smartline Vacuum Transducer does it all!

At Emtivac, we’ve proven time and time again that we have the most practical solutions that will effectively boost both the efficiency and reliability of your vacuum pump systems. From reducing your overall power consumption by up to 50%, to measuring/evaluating your pump’s efficiency, our aim is to save you money through cost effective solutions, minimal maintenance costs and an overall reduction in operating costs.

Trust Emtivac to get the job done! If you need a Smartline Vacuum Transducer, you’re already in the right place – send us an online enquiry or call us today on (03) 9768 3240.