VD8 – Digital Compact Vacuum Meters / Data Loggers


Compact vacuum meters of the VD8 family measure absolute pressure in the range of 1600 mbar to 5 x 10-4 mbar (=hPa, 1200 Torr to 5 x 10-4 Torr).

Product Specifications:
  • These handy vacuum gauges with internal or external sensor show current pressure and high and low values of your vacuum pumps and appliances, in vacuum packing, analysis and laboratory appliances, speed vacs offer a wide measurement range – more than 7 decades- with excellent resolution and accuracy can be used as data logger to store pressure data during the measurement with a new method for optimized memory usage (Pat pend.) offer a USB interface for data transfer and comfortable configuration of vacuum gauge parameters.
  • By means of the VacuGraph software measurements can be saved and plotted on a PC, can be operated with battery and power supply, can be directly placed into a vacuum chamber.
  • Our digital vacuum meters can be used in many fields of application.
  • Service and maintenance of vacuum pumps and appliances
  • Check of vacuum packaging, analysis and laboratory appliances, speed vacs, vacuum evaporators
  • Readjustment and check of permanently installed equipment
  • Documentation of measurements for quality assurance
  • Replacement of mechanical Hg manometers
  • Operation control and documentation of vacuum pumps and plants
  • Monitoring of vacuum insulations, degassing and purification
  • Calculation of leakage rates after rate of rise measurement in the VacuGraph software